Together, we as a world social construct, are facing some of the most challenging issues ever encountered in human history.

In the face of these challenges, it is not only important but crucial to develop methods that empower our future leaders to thrive in the challenging times ahead.

According to research, technology has evolved over one million times in the last twenty years. With the advent of AI, we are currently experiencing yet another quantum leap.

However, while technology continues to evolve at unfathomable speeds, science proves that the human body has not evolved in thousands of years.

In early 2022, our founder, Christina Beauchemin, began a series of informational webinars to C-Suite individuals across the country. At the end of each presentation, the same question was asked by professional after professional.

“Why is this information not being shared with our young people?”

It was those conversations that prompted the creation of Get R.E.A.L.

In 2022, Beauchemin found herself in front of one of the world’s largest social media companies. Their need was assistance in understanding why their predominantly Generation Z staff was struggling.

The issue:

A large percentage of Gen Z staff missing work due to:

  • mental distress
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • exhaustion and
  • admission of suicidal ideation.


Distress related to hyper-stimulated amygdala (emotional center of the brain) causing dramatic stress levels due to cognitive overload.

“That which is not transformed gets transmitted.” ~Richard Rohr

According to the World Economic Forum, it took humans 2.4 million years to learn to control fire enough to cook food, but only 66 years from the first flight of the Wright Brothers to the first landing on the moon.

Additionally, at the start of the 2000’s, there were no widely known social media platforms and only 700 million cell phones across the world. Today, as the pace of life continues to accelerate, there are a myriad of social media platforms delivering content to over 8 billion cellphones. (This correlates to more cell phones than humans).

The body has not evolved to effectively handle the onslaught of information and images that are viewed on device screens each and every day.

The Generation Z population is the first generation to grow up in this digital age, and they are struggling like no generation before.


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In this “age of information,” young people are battered with a constant onslaught of mental stimulation—texts, videos, emails, and social media-presenting an ongoing assault on their mental and emotional systems.

Simultaneously, our current “fear culture” is adding to their distress.

The unique concept of “Understanding U” offers young people a keen awareness of how negative emotions that are now impacting their physical bodies, can be easily released without fear or harm.

Our enjoyable and thought-provoking programming offers tools that create a life-changing opportunity for young people to rise above negative thoughts and emotions and create a more peaceful world for themselves and those around them.

With self-awareness comes emotional self-regulation, or what we have termed emotional self-tuning. Students and young professionals offer themselves new opportunities for limitless growth and change.

What does Understanding U deliver?


The ability to bounce back from adverse experiences and physical ailments.

Emotional Intelligence:

The capacity to understand and differentiate one’s own emotions as they relate to self and others.


Alignment with personal core values and beliefs with the purpose of acting in sync with the true self.


Limitless opportunity for change and growth.

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The clarity that came from the time spent with Christina Beauchemin as my coach is powerful. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to create a deeper understanding of themselves, as well as the desire to develop more fruitful relationships, to reach out to Christina.
~Caleb Nelson