Courses for Personal Growth

"Changing your attitude, your mindset, your perspective, or your mood they all mean controlling where you allow your thoughts to linger.”

~ Richelle E. Goodrich

Gaining skills for speaking to yourself in a kinder, more compassionate way is a critical part of Getting R.E.A.L.

Our courses are built on the principles of neurolinguistics programming (NLP) for a very specific reason. Since the 1970’s, NLP has been widely used by therapists and psychologists to change an individual’s self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.

By beginning the process of noticing negative and anxiety inducing thoughts, you are offered the power to appreciate yourself on a whole new and much deeper level.

A Pearl

This introductory short course is step one on your path to personal or career transformation. It is intended for the curious mind desiring to achieve the highest levels of personal growth and offers a framework for moving forward in an intentional way.

What You Receive:

  • Eight thought-provoking videos.
  • Worksheets intended to jumpstart your new habits.
  • Two introductory meditations.
  • A community where you can come to ask questions and begin sharing your challenges and successes.
  • A 10% discount on all future courses.
  • One copy of Let My Legacy Be Love, A Shortcut to Self-Loving at 20% off plus shipping.


Explore our courses and find the solutions that are right for you.

Are you craving more JOY?

Breakthrough! The 3Rs Path for Manifesting Your Best Life.

So, you’re ready to start creating your best life, but you’re not sure how to start.

This comprehensive course is filled with an array of tools and techniques that when practiced daily will change your life for the best.

Each module is loaded with thought-provoking and enjoyable videos and worksheets. Plus, you get tools that, when applied, will catapult you onto the path of manifesting your best life.

What you get:

  • Thirty-five (35) lessons that include videos and worksheets.
  • Downloadable tools to use every day.
  • Mind, Body, Spirit Journal
  • A copy of Let My Legacy Be Love, A Shortcut to Self-Loving.
  • Certificate of Completion.
  • Resources Page.
  • Follow-up emails and videos to keep your new habits top of mind.
  • A community in which to share your challenges and successes.

I loved “A Clearer Vision! It has been most productive and rewarding!  

I look forward to carrying these ways of doing things differently in the future. 

~Teresa C.

A Clearer Vision

Are you crystal clear on what your best life looks like?

When you are on the path to manifesting a life you love, vision is a foundational piece of the process.

This program is intended to help you get clear on what you truly desire your life to be. Using our unique tools, you gain a clearer vision on how to get and then keep a life you love.

This course is also wonderful for visioning any project you would like to create. It works for personal projects, book creation, building a business, etc.

Creating a vision is so much more than a board built in January!

This course includes:

  • Visioning Guidebook
  • Videos
  • Meditation
  • A supportive community to share your challenges and successes.

Get a jumpstart here.

Jumpstart to Happier!

This fun and effective program will help you start turning negative thoughts positive in just 21 days.

As you begin to apply the principles included in each lesson, you will quickly notice that the tools provided in the course WORK!

Jumpstart to Happier includes:

  • Twenty-one videos
  • 21-Day Jumpstart guidebook filled with tips, tricks, and room to journal.
  • Meditations
  • Daily affirmations.
  • A community where you can come to ask questions and begin sharing your challenges and successes.