Founder and primary trainer of Get R.E.A.L., Christina Beauchemin, is an author, speaker, and mindset specialist who transformed her own life for the best using the tools and techniques gleaned from neuroscience, neurolinguistics programming (NLP) and mindfulness.

Beauchemin started her career in business as a successful corporate leader for a global nutritional food manufacturer.

After realizing that she only had one chance to raise good kids, she stepped away from traveling the globe on a weekly basis to become a successful entrepreneur in the digital marketing space.

When the opportunity arose for her to pursue a more purposeful career, she focused on teaching others the skills that transformed her life and mindset.

After publishing her first book focusing on using the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) model and mindfulness methods to help individuals overcome deeply engrained emotional trauma, she gained her certification in neurolinguistics programming (NLP).

As she worked with individuals and business, she realized that her methodology could help students, particularly young people of high school and college age who will be facing some particularly difficult challenges ahead.